Bespoke Executive is a boutique recruitment solutions consultancy focussed on the C-Suite, direct reports and ‘hard to find’ exceptional leaders across all industry sectors.

Our strength is our unique experience, quality of research and international connections.

We make it a priority to fully partner with our clients to ensure we have an in depth knowledge of their business and culture. Through this close collaboration we are able to ensure our appointments bring immediate value to the organisation and enhance their own careers.

Qualifications are a historical record of a candidate’s ability to pass examinations!

Our Services

It is worth understanding that in good times, good candidates are well looked after and are not seeking new opportunities, and in bad times they focus on doing their best in their existing roles. This is the reason for a dedicated search: the best candidates do not read job ads!

Executive Search &Selection

Performance & Effectivenes Reviews

Non-Executive Director Selection

Executive Mentoring

Our Industry Segments

Bespoke Executive operates across a range of industries within the Australasian and international market, the following are a selection of the areas we work in and the approximate percentage of our business they provide.


Diary & Agriculture


Financial Services




Telecoms & Infrastructure

* The remaining 10% is spread across numerous industries including Life Sciences, General Insurance and Not for Profit.

It takes an extraordinary manager to recruit a candidate that might be a threat to his/her own position. But the best managers thrive and grow by being challenged.

Why Choose Us?

Bespoke Executive is a boutique recruitment consultancy, and as our name suggests, we provide outcomes “made to the customer’s specification”.

Bryan Dyke


A very experienced practitioner in the senior executive search area, and after many years working with other outstanding individuals, I decided to refine and provide an exclusive service to a range of select clients.

I have a unique offering in the New Zealand search industry by being one of the very few practitioners to have had leadership responsibilities in major corporate organisations and to have led the largest practice group in a top ten international retained search organisation.

Full Profile

Bryan has recently completed the following assignments

Chief Executive Officer (Major Bank)

Non-Executive Director (Crown Owned Entity)

Chief Information Officer (Major Insurer)

Chief Financial Officer (Home Solutions Group)

Chief Information Officer (Crown Owned Entity)

General Manager (Energy Solutions Company)

Non-Executive Director (Major Bank)

Non-Executive Director (Listed Healthcare Company)

Bespoke Executive is committed to providing solutions tailored specifically to each individual assignment, thus ensuring we bring exceptional value to out client’s business. Talk to us about our unique proposition and we will add value to your business.

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Bespoke Executive Solutions

P O Box 258 081, Botany, Auckland 2163

P: Bryan Dyke

M: +64 21 920 612


Psychometric testing is only ONE tool in the recruitment process. Independently verified past results and achievements are strong indicators of future contribution.